New Overseas Manager In Okinawa

Announcement from Okinawa

March 20,2023

The New overseas manager in Okinawa

Dear WMKA Dojo owners around the world,

We are announcing the New overseas manager, Mr. Daichi Sakamoto from the Taira dojo under president Yoshitaka Taira. 

He will start to work as New overseas manager starting April 1, the date for Japanese Fiscal year 2023. 

Please communicate with Mr. Daichi Sakamoto instead of Mr. Riki Nomura starting April 1st. We hope you will cooperate and support him the same as you did for his predecessor. The information for the New overseas manager is as below;

  1. Name : Daichi Sakamoto 
  2. Home Address : 4-18-23-705, Miyagi, Urasoe City, Okinawa
  3. E-mail Address :
  4. Cellularphone Number : +81-90-4090-1513
  5. Facebook messenger : (David SAKAMOTO)
  6. Skype : sakamoto.daichi (David SAKAMOTO)
  7. Signal : +81-90-4090-1513 (Daichi SAKAMOTO)

Quote from Mr. Daichi Sakamoto; Dear Dojo Owners! My name is Daichi SAKAMOTO, 1st Dan trainee at Taira Dojo.

During my 4 years at Taira dojo, I learned a lot… not only techniques, but also mentality, philosophy, and way of life.

In order to support lessons for WMKA members at Taira Dojo, I studied Karate-do, human anatomy and sports science in English. Those experiences made me discover a new horizon. Then, I considered that I would like to contribute something back to WMKA. Thus, It’s my honor to receive the offer.

At the same time, I have confirmed and recognized Mr.Nomura’s great achievements over the past 7 years. So… I will struggle as well as possible. If you have any advice or opinions, please inform me. Those will make me improve rapidly. Then, I hope your WMKA experience will be better as well. Douzo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.

Sincerely, Daichi SAKAMOTO

Predecessor: Mr. Riki Nomura was the first overseas manager right after the sudden passing away of Soke Takayoshi Nagamine on April 25,2012. He once left WMKA in 2015 May but reinstated his previous position from 2019 January to 2023 March. He will leave WMKA after the Okinawa Headquarters General meeting will ends to close Fiscal year 2022. 

We thank him for his over 7 years contribution to work for WMKA”.

Quote from Mr. Riki Nomura; Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. I always tried to communicate with you based on the facts and to arrange a Win-Win approach and solution for both sides: overseas and Okinawa. Though it may not be good enough, it was OK for me as long as I did my best. I worked on paperwork over 11 years, 4 years as secretary and 7 years as overseas manager. I had to spend much time to handle my duty because of my poor English ability. But at the same time, it kicked my brain and heart to stimulate my retirement sleeping mind and body. It gave me pressure but also valuable experiences in my life.

 Though I couldn’t continue my karate because of my backache trouble, I hope you will take care of your health and continue your karate life for the future. Sooner or later, everyone has to resign from their bread earning job because of age. But you don’t need to retire from karate life as long as your mind and body are positive and healthy.

I hope you all will enjoy your daily and karate life in your future!

From: Okinawa General Headquarters 

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