Annual Autumn Dan Evaluation test 2022

News from Okinawa                                                                   December 10, 2022

Annual Autumn Dan Evaluation test 2022

Dear WMKA members around the world,

  I hope you are staying healthy in your everyday life where you live. The Covid-19 is still actively troubling many people around the world. However, it seems the people and their societies have started moving forward to overcome the damage by it.  We had “The 2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament” from August 1st to 9th. We also hosted “The 7th World Uchinanchu Festival”, which is scheduled to be held once every five years, from October 30th to November 3rd. Both World Events were very successful and many thousands of visitors from around the world came to Okinawa.

  We had the Annual Autumn Dan Evaluation test for 2022 on November 20th in Okinawa. We were surprised to see 17 participants because we had very few in 2020 and 2021 due to the influence of Covid-19. Unfortunately, we had none from Okinawa this time. We had five participants from overseas, three from England, one from Germany and one from USA. 

Mr. Steven Woolston received Rensh 6th dan, Ms. Sally Woolston, Mr. David Troup and Mr. Karl-Heintz Tessner received 5th dan. Although Mr. Joel Castasus could have received his 3rd dan within the EMKA, he came to Okinawa and we welcomed him willingly because we wanted him to feel more connected not only to Okinawan Karate but also to experience the culture and the people directly. Most overseas members are getting their 1st to 4th dan outside Okinawa. Okinawa is requesting that all members for the rank of 5th dan and higher come to Okinawa because the rank of 5th dan and above is an internationally recognized valuable position. 

  Twelve participants came from mainland of Japan: one from Kanto district, one from Tokai district, two from Osaka and eight from Arakaki dojo Wakayama karate class. Their evaluation test breakdown was: three for 1st dan, three for 2nd dan and six for 3rd dan. They could have had their evaluation test up to 4th dan (except Arakaki dojo Wakayama karate class), in main land of Japan but came to Okinawa instead for their evaluation test. We welcomed their attendance because we want them to feel more connected to Okinawan Karate and the local people directly. 

Regarding the breakdown of the 17 dan evaluation test participants:
The youngest was 30 years old and the oldest was 77. The rank they earned was from 1st dan to Renshi 6th dan. The average age was 49.7 years old and the average rank was 3rd dan.

I hope the Covid-19 will be over or is under control soon so we will have previous normal daily life.

Best regards,
Riki Nomura, overseas manager

令和4年度 秋季昇段審査について



  今年の秋季昇段審査会が11月20日に行われました。2020年~2021年はCovid-19の影響で参加者が非常に少なかったため、17人の参加者にはビックリしました。今回は沖縄から受審者はいませんでした。海外からはイギリス3名、ドイツ1名、アメリカ1名で合計5名の参加がありました。昇段者の内訳はステイーブン・ウールストン錬士6段、サーリー・ウールストン5段・デイビッド・トループ 5段・カールハイツ・テスナー5段でした。WMKA規約により殆どの会員は初段~4段までは海外で取得しています。沖縄総本部としては国際的にも認知され&評価されている5段以上については、沖縄に来て昇段審査を受けるように要求しています。 ジョエル・カスタサス3段は、自国でも3段への昇段審査は可能ですが、沖縄総本部で昇段審査を受ました。沖縄は彼に空手だけでなく、沖縄文化や沖縄県民にも接して欲しいので大歓迎しました。




 The participants in the photo above are listening to the opening speech & instructions.

 The three judges are Arakaki sensei/Taira sensei/Tome sensei
One could take off their mask during their performance.

4列目: 新垣盛吉3段・ (3段  =野地本修・清水敬一・森本兼史・植田敏行・楠本友麻・井口めぐみ)
4th Row: Arakaki Seikichi 3rd dan (3rd dan: Nojimoto Osamu, Shimizu Keiichi, Morimoto Kanechika, Ueda Toshiyuki, Kusumoto Yuma, Iguchi Megumi)

3列目: 檀上祐一教士7段・ (初段=水野潔・永作さゆり・中塚久貴)(2段=澤田一誠・野地本結・榎坂直樹)
3rd Row: Danjō Yūichi kyōshi 7th dan (1st dan: Mizuno Kiyoshi, Nagasaku Sayuri, Nakatsuka Hisataka; 
2nd dan: Sawada Kazumasa ,NojiMoto Yui, Enosaka Naoki,)
2nd Row:Arakaki Toshimitsu sensei・Taira Yoshitaka sensei・Tome Iwao sensei・Makishi Tetsuo sensei
1列目:カール ハインツ テスナー5段・ステイーブン ウールストン錬士6段・サーリー ウールストン5段・デービッド トループ5段 ジョエル カスタサス3段.
1st Row; Karl-Heinz Tessner 5th dan・Steven Woolston Renshi 6th dan・Salley Woolston 5th dan・David Troup 5th dan・Joel Castasus 3rd dan

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