Soke Takayoshi Nagamine Annual Memorial Weekend

The annual memorial Matsubayashi karate weekend to remember and honor Soke Takayoshi Nagamine was held August 12th (Soke’s birthday) and 13th at the WMKA Cocoa Beach Karate Dojo.

Karate practitioners came form all over to honor Soke T. Nagaminre and train together for the weekend. There was also a dan testing for Cocoa Beach Karate yudansha Lisa Miller who earned her 2nd dan. The WMKA Board of judges were: Angel Mazza, Kyoshi 7th Dan, Curtis Anderson Renshi 6th Dan, Des Chaskelson Renshi 6th Dan and Marsha Lauka 5th Dan.

Soke held several seminars in Florida, the last one at Cocoa Beach Karate Dojo on 2011. The memorial in his honor has been held every year since then.

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