Covid-19 and the Postponement of the Memorial Events for Founder Shoshin Nagamine in Okinawa

May 1, 2020

The Announcement from president Yoshitaka Taira

 The COVID-19 and the postponement of the Memorial Events for founder Shoshin Nagamine in Okinawa

Dear WMKA members around the world, 

The COVID-19 is still spreading and is on a rampage around the world. We are forced to know the tragic up-to-date conditions around the world on both TV and Newspaper every day and night. The world still seems like it is under a GLOBAL COVID-19 LOCKDOWN. Japan is under a nationwide state of emergency and Okinawa is listed as the 14th worst area among 47 prefectures in Japan based on the positive infection rate per capita. What is worse, it seems nobody including pandemic specialists around the world can predict when this COVID-19 PANDEMIC will become quiet and we will be back to the previous normal daily life again.

 Considering the current heartbreaking condition and the unknown virus activity, we have decided to postpone “The Memorial Monument Unveiling & Celebration for founder Shoshin Nagamine and Karate-Do International Seminar & Exchange Martial Arts 2020” until 2021. We value the most, our policy “Nuchi-du Takara” which means “Life is a Treasure”. We considered and reconsidered in order to reach this decision. We believe it is the best way to protect WMKA members around the world and to help everyone who are wondering about the trip to Okinawa, spiritually, physically and economically to fight with COVID-19. Please cancel your travel arrangements. To all those who have already booked the trip to Okinawa and we are very sorry. We will closely monitor the COVID-19 progression and will post the new schedule when it is safe to welcome you all here again. We hope we can meet many of you in Okinawa in 2021. Please stay at home to protect yourself and the people around you. We will follow the same policy in Okinawa.

We pray for your good health and that the COVID-19 will be wiped out around the world as quickly as possible.

Best Regards,

Yoshitaka Taira
President of WMKA

 Please note attached pandemic information on next page.

COVID-19 Corona virus Pandemic <Last updated status May 1, 2020 08:08 GMT>

<Total Corona virus cases 3,318,455 and Total Deaths 234,253>


No Country Name Total Cases Total Deaths No Country Name Total cases Total deaths
1 Japan 14,088 430 10 Netherlands 39,316 4,795
2 Australia 6,766 93 11 New Zealand 1,479 19
3 Canada 53,236 3,184 12 Norway 7,738 210
4 Cuba 1,501 61 13 Spain 239,639 24,543
5 United Kingdom 171,253 26,771 14 U S A 1,095,304 63,871
6 France 167,178 24,371 15 Argentina 4,428 218
7 Germany 163,009 6,623 16 Uruguay 634 17
8 India 35,043 1,154 17 Brazil 87,187 6,006
9 Ireland 20,612 1,232 18 Chile 16,023 227


  1. I borrowed one of the Website released information just to show the countries of WMKA members around the world. (Mr. Riki Nomura)
  2. The order of the country is based on the WMKA Website Dojo Page country order.
  3. If you find any mistakes in the table, please correct it and let us know it.



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