Mr. Guido Engels Visit to Okinawa

My trip to Okinawa 20.October until 01.November 2019. For the fourth time I have been here now and still the fascination is unbroken.

As always, I meet old and new friends from all over the world. I am grateful to be a part of the Matsubayashi Ryu family. We all share the passion to learn karate and improve it. For me as a dojo owner it is important to get corrections from the masters and pass them on to my students. This year I had the opportunity to train with Taira Sensei, Arakaki Sensei, Tome Sensei and Miyagi Sensei.

Friday 25th of October I saw the Karate no Hi demonstrations at the Karate-do Kaikan It was unbelievably fascinating to see Taira Sensei and all the other Sensei`s from different styles performing there Kata. 27 October I was part of the Kata Demonstration on Kokusai Street. Over 2000 participants demonstrated the Kata Fukyugata Ichi and Fukyugata Ni. We as Matsubayashi Ryu group showed 2 more Kata (Wankan and Wanshu). It was a unique experience.

Okinawa has so much to offer, friendly and warm-hearted people, a lot of  culture and nature . Everywhere there are new things to find and see. This year it was for example the monument of Chotoku Kyan (Chan mig-wa) in Kadena at the river Hija, the Hiji Waterfalls,Kouri Island (Heart Rocks), the Okinawa Peace Park and also up in the North Kayauchi Banta .

I hope to see you all next year 2020 at the unveiling of the memorial stone of O’Sensei Nagamine.

Guido Engels, Viersen, Germany

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