Incluisve Karate World Cup, Ireland April 26 and 27, 2019

Ireland was the host nation of the I-Karate World Cup 2019 at DCU on the 26th and 27th of April 2019 with participants from all over the world present, each giving it their all for the world cup title.  Caitlin Malone from Westport and training at the Dojo of Martin O’Malley in Ireland (White Tiger Martial Arts) was there as part of the Irish team organized by Brian Carroll of Karate Ireland ONAKAI and she recorded some fantastic performances.

Caitlin took part in three divisions and earned a podium place in all three.  In Karate Kata demonstration she earned the third place slot while in Kobujutsu Kata demonstration she earned the 2nd place position for her performance with the Sai.   She added another second place result in the Yakusoku Kumite demonstration division.

In preparation for the event Caitlin worked along with the Karate Ireland national team coaches while at the Dojo Colm Rochford worked one on one with Caitlin to help her prepare, and the time and effort certainly paid off.  Martin O’Malley told us that ‘the result is due to the hard work and commitment that Caitlin and her mother Kathleen have put in over the last 11 years and the support and guidance which Colm, and indeed the whole Dojo has given to her in her preparation and participation at the World Cup’.

Colm himself felt that Caitlin is ‘inspirational in the way she faces each challenge with determination to succeed and allows nothing stand in her way’.  He told us he was ‘delighted to be a part of the whole preparation and competition process and I think I’ve developed myself a lot as a teacher through the process’.

I-Karate, or Inclusive Karate is a fast growing discipline of Karate for people who have different challenges from learning to physical to mixed and it seeks to support and encourage everyone to get involved in physical activity and to strive for excellence using the medium of Karate.

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