News from Okinawa   March 30, 2019 Communication and Mailing address Change 

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News from Okinawa
   March 30, 2019
Communication and Mailing address Change 

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners around the world,

I am sure everything is well with your daily and karate life where you live. We will change the communication and mailing address starting from April 1 which is the beginning of Japanese fiscal year 2019. Please submit all requests and documents to Okinawa Headquarters (OHQ) through Mr. Riki Nomura (overseas manager) so he can receive all of the information from overseas. Though Mr. Manabu Kinjyo, is a self –employed person and busy in his own job he will still work with Mr. Nomura.

 The services and duties between Okinawa and overseas are listed as follows:
All requests and answers between you and OHQ
Request an overseas karate-do seminar instructor from Okinawa
Request hosting dojo arrangements for your karate practice in Okinawa
Request Dojo Owner Licenses every year or multiple years based on your expiration date.
Request Dan certificates based on your evaluation tests
Any question and proposal concerning the present and future WMKA development and so on. 
I am expecting your full cooperation and support.

If you haven’t renewed your Dojo License for 2019, please e-mail or send your documents to Mr. Nomura as soon as possible. Please submit all of your documents in printed lettering, and not with hand written lettering.

His Postal and E-mail addresses are as below:
Postal Address : 339-29 Kanegushiku Haebaru-cho  Okinawa  901-1111  Japan  
E-mail address:

 Sincerely Yours,
Yoshitaka Taira  President of WMKA

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