Overseas Communication Update

In order to divide the current work, we assign Mr. Riki Nomura, the former WMKA oversea manager, from 15th December 2018, to be responsible for oversea interaction again.

To be joined Mr. Nomura, we are dividing the current tasks into two. One is “Printing certificates” and the other is “Communication with overseas”.

“Printing certificates” is handled by Manabu Kinjo. This includes: Dojo Licenses, Yudansha Certificates and Membership Cards. Please send the necessary documents for issuing certificates directly to Manabu Kinjo as before.

Mr. Nomura will be in charge of “all exchanges with oversea” such as except printing certificates. This should include communication regarding visits to Okinawa and training schedules, overseas seminar requests, membership and other questions for the board of directors.

For future exchanges, it will be changed to the new representative e-mail address “wmka-rep001@pdt-duo.com“.

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