Dan grading information and requirements for 2015 USA seminar with President Yoshitaka Taira, 10th Dan, Hanshi

Dan testing will be given on Saturday afternoon prior to the dinner party and will be for 1 st through 5 th dan (including 5 th dan).

The following requirements must be met for grading at the seminar:
1.The applicant must attend the seminar.
2. The applicant must have approval from the dojo owner to which he/she is a member.
2. The requirements for the dan level must be satisfied.
3. The dojo owner must fill in the form “ Request for Dan Certificates” except for the lines “testing date” and “tested by” which should be left blank.
4. The form should be emailed to Mr. Manabu Kinjo (new overseas director) at:
karate-matsubayashi@pdt-duo.com along with all neccssary documents such as the copy of the current Dan certificate. The deadline for the application is September 15 th (almost one month prior to the seminar).
5. Do not send the seminar testing fees to Okinawa. Please pay cash at the seminar according to the required amounts for each Dan level.

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