Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Seminars 2015 in Overseas Including Mainland of Japan

松林流空手道セミナー2015 in 海外&県外

Dear WMKA members

I hope everything is well with your daily and karate life wherever you live. I want to thank you for your dedication and support of the WMKA. “The Memorial Karate-Do seminar & Exchange Demonstration 2014 for Soke Takayoshi Nagamine in Okinawa” was very successful because of your cooperation from around the world. Many members attended the memorial events but many others couldn’t come to Okinawa due to their health or job situations. We discussed about the seminars during the dojo owners’ meeting. We agreed that it is very important to have seminars overseas to strengthen our bond and the WMKA. We are announcing the seminars for 2015 based on the table below. I expect that many members from around the world will attend the seminars to confirm and improve upon your karate to the highest levels you can achieve. We can also meet many old friends or find many new friends during these seminars..

Sincerely Yours,
President Yoshitaka Taira

< Remarks> The concrete seminar schedule will be posted on WMKA Website by hosting dojo owners based on their plan.

〈特記事項> 具体的な空手道セミナー日程&内容については、受入道場主が後日WMKAホームページへ掲載します。  以上

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