Renewal of Dojo Owner License for 2015

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners,

The events in Okinawa were great and successful because of your support and cooperation. We are very grateful for your attendance at the events by many people that came from around the world. We also had many backups from all Dojo Owners who couldn’t come to Okinawa because of their health condition or job schedule. I can confirm that the events made both Founder Shoshin Nagamine and Soke Takayoshi Nagamine happy.

We are receiving and expecting Dojo Owner License renewal application for 2015 from all dojo owners. As we do have changes to the application, please check it before you send your documents to Okinawa.

1.  WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition

a.  We are adopting a multiyear expiration system, from one to three years, starting in 2015. Thus you can choose the number of years you want to renew for. We know you have to pay more at one time, but you will not need to pay for new black belt students that join after your renewal and during the renewal license duration. These new black belt fees will be paid when you renew the next license along with the prior belt belt member fees.

Please refer to the attached “WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition” format.

b. WMKA  Agreement with Dojo Owner : You don’t need to attach “Agreement with Dojo Owner” to   “WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition”. It is only for new Dojo owners and not for current Dojo Owners.

3. WMKA Request for Dan Certificates

We have canceled the need to attach your students’ photos to the application. But please attach a copy of their current Dan certificate as same as now.

  We pray for you the best in your daily and karate life in your countries.

Sincerely Yours,
Yoshitaka Taira
President of WMKA

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