Payment Change to Okinawa Headquarters

Dear WMKA Dojo owners

I hope everything is well with you wherever you live. We want your cooperation in changing your payment methods to Okinawa Headquarters starting today.Currently, we have four payment methods occurring in the following order:

  1.  Check payment
  2. Deposit to bank account
  3. Cash
  4. International postal money order.

Until now the majority of payments have been made by check.

We want you to please minimize the check payments now because the bank in Okinawa has changed the cashing system of all checks from overseas. Up to now, we could cash ten checks together with 2,000 yen as a handling charge for both banks in Okinawa and in your countries. Recently, the bank has changed the fees to 2,000 to 3,500 yen for each check depending on the country for bank handling fees in both countries. We can now only get the cash after the check has been validated in both countries and they have said that it may take a few months.

Therefore, we want your cooperation for the payment method to Okinawa in the new order listed below;

1) Deposit to bank account;  2) International postal money order;  3) Cash;  4) Check payment.

If you haven’t paid your fees for the up-coming Memorial events for Soke in Okinawa, please pay the fees with cash in Okinawa.

We hope that many WMKA members will come to Okinawa if you can arrange your schedule.

Sincerely Yours,

President Yoshitaka Taira

World Matsubayashi-Ryu karate-Do Association

Mailing Address and Bank Account

1.  Mailing Information and Address:

(1) Please transfer your fees by depositing into Bank account of WMKA President Yoshitaka Taira.

(2) Please send all your documents including any checks to Mr. Riki Nomura.

Checks should still be addressed to President Yoshitaka Taira as they are now.

(1)      President Yoshitaka Taira
World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association
2-19-19Jichaku  Urasoe City Okinawa, Japan

(2)     Mr. Riki Nomura
WMKA overseas manager
339-29 Kanegushiku  Haebaru-cho Okinawa, Japan

*Email address:

 2. Bank Account Payment:







Name of the bank

Branch number and Name

Bank Account Name

Address of Depositor

Bank Account Number


US Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Australian Dollar

New Zealand Dollar


British pound

The Bank of Okinawa LTD.

Branch No.128 Sogenji Branch

WMKA  President  Yoshitaka  Taira

2-19-19 Jichaku Urasoe City Okinawa Japan



JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York (CHASUS33)

Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto (ROYCCAT2)

National Australian Bank LTD. Melbourne (NATAAU33033)

Bank of New Zealand, Wellington (BKNZNZ22)

JPMorgan AG,Frankfurt(CHASDEFX)

Barclays Bank PLC,London(BARCGB22)

※Bank Account Name was changed from “Sekai Matsubayahsiryu Karatedo Renmei Kaicho Yoshitaka Taira” to “WMKA President Yoshitaka Taira”.

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