Revised Due Date for the Memorial Events in Okinawa

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners around the world,

I think you are working on arranging your schedule in order to attend the Memorial events for Soke in Okinawa. Some of you have reserved your flight schedule and some are likely still working on it.

We will postpone the due date for registration from July 31st to September 30th.  Although we have received applications from many Dojo Owners, we still have had no response from other Dojo Owners because they haven’t arranged their schedule yet.  We misunderstood your need to reserve your flight reservation six months ahead of travel to select the best options for airline tickets.  That is why we originally set the due date for July 31st.

However, we have realized that we shouldn’t urge you to submit your application by July 31st.Instead, we should give you more time to adjust your schedule.  We want to encourage you to come to Okinawa even though you may not be able to submit the application by July 31st. Although, we preferred to have your application in July, we can wait for it by September 30th.

The due date for fees is the same. We just wanted to minimize the cash handling during the events.

Although some Dojo Owners attached their checks or deposited the fees with their application, we didn’t mean to ask for your payment right away. You can pay it in late September. Or, if you prefer to pay the fees with cash in Okinawa, it is still Ok for us.  I discussed this with president Taira and have an approval for the due date for application change along with the payment for the fees. But it is still “The sooner the better”, if possible.

Our wish is that “Many WMKA members will come to Okinawa for the Memorial events for Soke.

Sincerely Yours,

Riki Nomura
Oversea manager

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