A New Year’s Greeting from Okinawa

Dear WMKA members around the world,

A Happy New Year to everyone around the world.  I pray for you the best in 2014 wherever you live.

As we all know, we had very sad news for the past two consecutive years. They were the most severe hardships for us since the starting of the WMKA in 1960’s. To overcome this difficult situation, we have been working together hand to hand and heart to heart. We feel strong support and harmony from our members throughout the world which have made us move forward.  I want to state three movements since last year to show that the teaching of both Sokes and the essence of Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do are deeply inscribed in everyone’s heart and mind.

First. Dojo Owner License Renewal. All previous Dojo Owners under Soke renewed their Dojo Owner License and we also have added some new members last year as you can notice in the WMKA Website Dojo pages.

I am sure it made both Sokes very happy.

Second. “Honoring Soke Takayoshi Nagamine and his Legacy”was in “Official Karate Magazine” last year. The article gave us energy to unite and move forward step by step together with all our members around the world. Though we have to mourn for Soke Nagamine for many more years, this movement confirmed to us that we can continue and spread his legacy for future generations.

Third. Many karate practice trips to Okinawa from overseas including visits from mainland Japan.  We are hosting many karate practice groups in Okinawa since last year as you can see in the WMKA Website news pages. Though Soke hosted them all by himself in the past, we have to host them as a group and visitors have to travel from Dojo to Dojo. The teachers in Okinawa are enjoying teaching them and it helps both the teachers and visitors know each other in a more personal face to face way.

This year. I want to announce and ask your full cooperation to help in the success of the three main events.
First. “Magazine article of Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine on Official karate”

We will have another chance to post an article in “Official Karate magazine” about Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine this year. Mr. Des Chaskelson 5th dan in Florida will be a coordinator between Official Karate Magazine and WMKA including Okinawa Headquarters. We want everybody to work together to compile the article with Mr. Chaskelson as they did with the Soke’s article last year.

Second. “The Memorial Karate-Do Seminar and Exchange Demonstration 2014 for Soke Takayoshi Nagamine in Okinawa”.  The tentative date of the event is from October 31st to November 2nd at the Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts Rensei Dojo, 2nd Floor. We will post the fixed schedule as soon as we have the answer from the Hall of Martial Arts’ office within January 2014.

Third. Karate practice trips to Okinawa.Though the first priority is the Memorial event for Soke in November, we still can host your karate trips to Okinawa based on your schedule, but only if you can visit Okinawa twice in 2014. If you have to choose one, please attend the “Event of Soke”. If you still want to arrange your karate practice schedule together with the event, we would prefer it after the event. We may be busy before the event and may have hard time hosting you but it also depends on how many groups will come at the same time.

To finish my greeting, I pray for the best and am expecting to see you all in Okinawa in November 2014.

Sincerely Yours,

President Yoshitaka Taira

World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association.

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