Final Honbu Dojo Joint Workout (worldwide)

(posted with authorization from WMKA President Yoshitaka Taira)

The Hombu Dojo has announced it will be holding the last joint dojo workout on Sunday December 15th at 3pm. It would be wonderful if everyone could attend this historical event but for most of us that is not feasible.

However, I am proposing that every dojo in the WMKA do a workout at the exact same time as the 3pm workout is going on in Okinawa. For my dojo in Canada, that means we will have to do our workout at 1am on Sunday morning since Okinawa is 14 hours ahead of us. Each dojo owner would have to arrange to do the workout at the equivalent time in their city or country.

I think this could be a powerful statement, a huge historical event, where everyone in the Matsubayashi-ryu world is working out at the exact same moment in solidarity for our Hombu dojo.

While we are ever hopeful that a solution can be found to save the Hombu dojo, in the event this can not happen, at least we will all have had one last workout together, vicariously in the Hombu dojo.

I have created an event in Facebook that you can “attend”, thereby signifying that your dojo is participating in this Final Hombu Dojo Joint Workout. Please visit and join.

Thank you in advance,
Ward Jardine
Renseikan Dojo
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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