Announcement of Annual Fees for WMKA Dojo Owners

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners,

We are grateful for your dedication to preserve and spread Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do around the world wherever you live.

We at Okinawa Headquarters have been studying the WMKA system and how to promote and support WMKA dojo owners from Okinawa. We basically follow the well-organized WMKA system which was established by Soke Nagamine and in addition to that, we are doing our best to improve the system. We have finally reached the conclusion to announce new annual and dan promotion test fees as of today. We hope that the revised annual and dan certificates fees will work better for all members and dojo owners. Although we know it will not solve the all problems, we will continue to work on them one by one for the future WMKA.

Most Dojo Owners’ licenses will expire on December 31, 2013. Please adopt the “A New annual and Dan Certificates fees” when renewing your dojo owner license. Please submit your new “WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition” starting today until November 30 at the latestThe sooner the better.

In addition we are requesting that all dojo owners submit a new “Agreement with Dojo Owner” if they haven’t already.We no longer have access to the former agreements kept by Soke T. Nagamine and need to replace these agreements in order to bring our records and files up to date.

Also, we want to clarify that all student of WMKA dojos regardless of rank are encouraged to attend WMKA activities.

  Please use and refer to the newly revised documents found on the Dojo Owner’s pages of the WMKA website for detailed information;

1.    New Annual and Dan Promotion Test Fees for WMKA Dojo Owners

2.    WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition (Rev.1)

3.    WMKA Request for Dan Certificates (Rev.1)

4.    WMKA Agreement with Dojo Owner (Rev.1)

I hope you will have a good remaining three months before the coming New Year of 2014.

Sincerely Yours,
President Yoshitaka Taira
World Matsubayashi-Ryu karate-Do Association

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