Announcement of New Executive Members of Okinawa Headquarters

(As authorized by Sensei Fred Christian, 8th Dan, Kyoshi)

To all World Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do Association Members

Announcement of New Executive Members of Okinawa Headquarters

Dear all WMKA members,

I am sure all members are healthy and pursuing karate practice in your own countries.

We all remember as if it was just yesterday that the 2nd Soke Takayoshi Nagamone’s Unbelievable Passing Away on April 25,2012. He was about to leave for Norway and Germany on May 7th, Canada and USA in July and Ireland in August. Soke Nagamine enthusiastically talked and was actively working for World Karate-do Seminar in Okinawa starting from November 3, 2013. We are still shocked and hardly believe of Soke’s sudden passing away.

We discussed within all board member meeting what the best way to succeed and preserve the Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do for future generation. We unanimously decided to adapt Association President System instead of Soke System on General
Conference on June 9,2012. The new executive Members such as President ,Vice president ,Chairman of board…etc. will be listed on this letter.

I think it is our obligation to 1st Soke Shoshin Nagamine and 2nd Soke Takayoshi Nagamine to Discipline 18 Kata and 7 Yakusoku Kumite Correctly together with Spiritual Essence of Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do and pass down to younger generation. Under the present difficult situation, I ask you all World Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do members to stand up together and cooperate to overcome many problems ahead and proceed to bright future of WMKA and EMKA.

The new executive members are as follow.
1. President : Yoshitaka Taira ( Hanshi 10th –Dan)
2. Vice President : Toshimitsu Arakaki (Hanshi 10th _ Dan)
3. Chairman of Board : Iwao Tome (Hanshi 9th _ Dan)
4. Overseas Manager : Riki Nomura ( 3rd –Dan)
5. Secretary : Masato Nagamine (5th –Dan)
6. Accountant : Mayumi Horikawa (5th –Dan)

Sincerely Yours
President Yoshitaka Taira
World Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do Association

Re m a r k s

1. Every members of WMKA can contact President Yoshitaka Taira directly.
But if it is in English, it is preferable to post or E-mail to P.O.C. Mr. Riki Nomura.
He will study them and report to the President.

2. We are still discussing what is the best way to cooperate with overseas members.
You can keep the agreement you have with Soke for now, but please hold any payment until we contact you later.

This will be the end of announcement. Thank you very much.

I wish you the best in your karate practice and in everyday life !

In memory of
Soke Takayoshi Nagamine
10th Dan Hanshisei

August 12, 1945-April 25, 2012



Saturday, October 8, 2011
July 8-9, 2011

Saturday July 16, 2011
Saturday July 23, 2011
Friday July 29 and Saturday July 30, 2011
About  75 students of all ages, from all over Florida as well as Minnesota, New Jersey , Ohio, Texas , Puerto Rico and Panama, showed up for the four day event conducted by Soke Nagamine at the Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness location. The four day event consisted of several 3 hour classes, followed by a half day seminar on Saturday. Ten students were tested for varying levels of black belt on Thursday and Friday night. Soke paid special attention to warmups, basics and foundation drills (Junbi Undo, Kihon Undo & Kiso Tanren), as well as spending some time on kata bunkai.
The event was full of information, including the 3 basic elements of kata (sight line, posture and devastating power), why the slide back in fukyugata ni (positional coincidence) etc. The seminar on Saturday was followed by a cocktail reception and dinner at the International Palms Resort. During dinner Soke thanked everyone for attending and invited all to the next WMKA Okinawa seminar in November 2013. He was presented with a small token from Cocoa Beach students, a wooden replica of the last space shuttle.
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