Process to Become a New Member of the WMKA

This process relates to those seeking WMKA membership under the following situations:
1. A student from a non-WMKA dojo wishing to directly join the WMKA.
2.  A Dan Rank holder with non-eligible Dan Certificate (e.g. issued by invalid/non-WMKA authority). 
3.  To become a WMKA Dojo owner or to become a student with the Dan Rank issued in another style.

Note: This does not apply to students of existing WMKA dojos that have been registered as Yudansha currently training in recognized WMKA member dojos and have received valid certificates recognized by the WMKA board.

The process to become a new member of WMKA is as follows:

      1) Visit Okinawa and train with Taira Sensei, Arakaki Sensei, and Tome Sensei.

      2) Visit Okinawa and get Dan Test to evaluate appropriate Dan Rank at WMKA.

Valid Dan Certificate must be signed by Shoshin Nagamine O’Sensei, Soke Takayoshi Nagaminse Sensei, or Yoshitaka Taira Sensei.

This is because we at the WMKA strictly train and teach Karate as O’Sensei and Soke taught. Not only the technique but also the philosophy, spirit, and way of life as well. Therefore, Senseis in Okinawa will Keiko together to know how the person who will be a new member of WMKA behaves. 

To begin the process, please contact
WMKA Overseas Contact:
Mr. Daichi Sakamoto (Overseas Manager)
World Matsubayashi-ryu Karate-do Association Headquarters (P.O.C.)
E-mail address: