Exemption From WMKA Membership Annual Fees For 2021

November 14, 2020 Exemption from WMKA membership Annual fees for 2021  Dear WMKA Dojo Owners, Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging all over the world, I hope that you and the people around you are not affected by it and are doing well in your daily life.  The “WMKA 2020 Worldwide Virtual Event and Memorial Tribute to Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine” ended very successfully on November 1st. We had 275 connections from around the world and also met many more people behind each connection which confirmed our WMKA solidarity and bonds. “The Memorial Monument Unveiling & Celebration for Founder Shoshin Nagamine” in Okinawa was postponed to 2021. I am sure “Our passion and mind for Matsubayashi-ryu karate” has reached out to the soul of Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine in heaven. We will continue to promote cooperation and exchange between Okinawa and overseas members including mainland of Japan by utilizing online karate. Nobody, including the world’s infectious diseases specialists can predict the extermination of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. I highly appreciate your willingness to practice alone at home & by online training with teachers, via the multiple dojos owners that are connected by Zoom using online karate to pursue Matsubayashi-ryu even under current Covid-19 condition. We decided to exempt WMKA membership annual fee for 2021 to encourage and support you throughout the world. The handling of the Dojo Owner license is based on the deadline dated as below. We also ask for your cooperation to adapt the basic […]

Dojo Owner License Renewal for 2020 and forward. Please Renew Before December 31, 2019

Dear Dojo Owners, Most Dojo Owner Licenses are effective one-year, from January 1,2019 to December 31,2019. We want you to Renew your Dojo Owner License for 2020 before the end of December, 2019 . A “One Year Renewal” yearly is good enough, but we want you consider a “Multiple Year Renewal” , if it is possible for you. We do have some Dojo Owners who chose multiple year renewals. Please use the “WMKA Request for Dojo License Renewal and Acquisition (Rev.2)” form for renewal. We will be very busy next year, especially in Okinawa, for the “Big Events” to honor Founder Shoshin Nagamine .  We are expecting to see you all in Okinawa next year. Best Regards, From Okinawa Headquarters

News from Okinawa   March 30, 2019 Communication and Mailing address Change 

Please click on title above to read entire post: News from Okinawa   March 30, 2019 Communication and Mailing address Change  Dear WMKA Dojo Owners around the world, I am sure everything is well with your daily and karate life where you live. We will change the communication and mailing address starting from April 1 which is the beginning of Japanese fiscal year 2019. Please submit all requests and documents to Okinawa Headquarters (OHQ) through Mr. Riki Nomura (overseas manager) so he can receive all of the information from overseas. Though Mr. Manabu Kinjyo, is a self –employed person and busy in his own job he will still work with Mr. Nomura.  The services and duties between Okinawa and overseas are listed as follows: ① All requests and answers between you and OHQ ② Request an overseas karate-do seminar instructor from Okinawa ③ Request hosting dojo arrangements for your karate practice in Okinawa ④ Request Dojo Owner Licenses every year or multiple years based on your expiration date. ⑤ Request Dan certificates based on your evaluation tests ⑥ Any question and proposal concerning the present and future WMKA development and so on.  I am expecting your full cooperation and support. If you haven’t renewed your Dojo License for 2019, please e-mail or send your documents to Mr. Nomura as soon as possible. Please submit all of your documents in printed lettering, and not with hand written lettering. His Postal and E-mail addresses are as below: Postal Address : 339-29 Kanegushiku Haebaru-cho  […]

Overseas Communication Update

In order to divide the current work, we assign Mr. Riki Nomura, the former WMKA oversea manager, from 15th December 2018, to be responsible for oversea interaction again. To be joined Mr. Nomura, we are dividing the current tasks into two. One is “Printing certificates” and the other is “Communication with overseas”. “Printing certificates” is handled by Manabu Kinjo. This includes: Dojo Licenses, Yudansha Certificates and Membership Cards. Please send the necessary documents for issuing certificates directly to Manabu Kinjo as before. Mr. Nomura will be in charge of “all exchanges with oversea” such as except printing certificates. This should include communication regarding visits to Okinawa and training schedules, overseas seminar requests, membership and other questions for the board of directors. For future exchanges, it will be changed to the new representative e-mail address “wmka-rep001@pdt-duo.com“.

Statement by Yoshitaka Taira Hanshi, President of the WMKA

Dear Members, I hope you are all well and training hard. I would like to apologize for the lack of communication from Okinawa. Our overseas manager has been very busy. Please know that we have received all your documents and fees. We will be processing them as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding. Yoshitaka Taira President WMKA

Renewal of Dojo Owner License for 2015

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners, The events in Okinawa were great and successful because of your support and cooperation. We are very grateful for your attendance at the events by many people that came from around the world. We also had many backups from all Dojo Owners who couldn’t come to Okinawa because of their health condition or job schedule.

Payment Change to Okinawa Headquarters

Dear WMKA Dojo owners I hope everything is well with you wherever you live. We want your cooperation in changing your payment methods to Okinawa Headquarters starting today.Currently, we have four payment methods occurring in the following order:

Revised Due Date for the Memorial Events in Okinawa

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners around the world, I think you are working on arranging your schedule in order to attend the Memorial events for Soke in Okinawa. Some of you have reserved your flight schedule and some are likely still working on it.

Participants’ Application for the Memorial Events for Soke in Okinawa

Dear WMKA Dojo Owners, We hope that you have arranged your schedule for the events and are ready to submit your final application. Please refer to the due date and the sample formats for the events. We are expecting to see you and your students in Okinawa at the events. You can also meet many WMKA members from around the world.